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smash cross bros gods among us prolog
"I can say without a doubt that there are an infinite number of universes.
Some are just like are own... but for one or two significant events, exactly the same."
                                                             - Dr Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik
(station square was in ruins and the tails workshop was also in ruins that was once a peaceful town)
(in the mushroom kingdom toad guards and GUN agents scrambled at the loss of millions of lives as seen in the news many were sadden and shocked as the nuclear bomb destroyed station square the once peaceful town and in an interrogation room a familiar laughing roar could be heard inside was the mushroom kingdoms hero Mario and princess peach were interrogating the king of the koopas bowser)
Mario: The nuke. Where'd you get it! (said in anger)
Bowser: What, you want one? Copyplumber
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Amy rose adventure Amy p.o.v part 3
(Amy and Rouge arrived back in Santa destroy and were make there way to casinoplis as they got to the entrance rouge stopped Amy)
Rouge: Amy the was some i need to install in you shoes a light speed mode to blaze through a trail of ring as shown right there. (pointing at the rings leading to the switch and rouge used her wrist mounted tech supply to give Amy the light speed dash)
Amy: (light-speeds on the ring and activates the switch opening the door to the casino) thanks Rouge.
(Rouge nodded as they both made there way in to the casino as as entered they say some of jasper kazama's robot's as they to were looking for the emerald)
Rouge: Looks like they are making there way to the casino sewers
Amy: (smirks) and it looks like that is where we are heading
(Amy and rouge entered the sewers from the bathroom it was huge they saw many robots there Amy just bash her way through the bot's and to the first vent)
Rouge: Air blowing up and the only way is up
Amy: well what are we waiting for l
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amy rose foot massage
(it was a cold windy day a human male wearing blue jeans black and yellow sneakers had brown hair wearing a red hat a red t-shirt with a lightning bolt on the front and also wore a red jacket this was smiley he was going to see his friend Amy rose)
Smiley: (rings the door bell)
(Amy answered the door and let smiley in Amy instead of wearing her usual clothes she wore her winter Olympic outfit due to the fact it was cold the outfit consisted of a dark pink winter coat black tight pants and and dark pink sneakers and she was wearing her gloves still)
Smiley: Very cold i see
Amy: Yeah
(Just then Amy fell clutching her feet in pain)
Smiley: (concerns) Are you okay Amy
Amy: No i hurt my feet trying to fix the heater i kicked it and i hurt my left foot and then the tool box crushed my right one
Smiley: Why didn't you call me or tails
Amy: I wanted to prove i could fix something on my own but i screwed up
Smiley: Let me help you to your couch
(as smiley helps Amy to her couch he asked her que
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amy rose adventure part 2 amy p.o.v
(Amy and rouge arrived in windy valley)
Rouge: we are so high up
(Amy nodded as they traveled down the path)
Amy: How are you holding up?
Rouge: fine right now
(They both made there way the other side but when they got there)
Rouge: Uh Amy
(as the bridge collapsed they bot got sucked in by the tornado)
(Both Amy and rouge were in the tornado )
Rouge: How do we get out?
(Amy saw some wreckage in the tornado and got an idea)
Amy: hold on rouge
(Amy grabbed rouge's hand and jumped from rock to rock as they made there way out of the tornado)
Rouge: (catching her breath) That tornado was huge!
Amy: You kidding it was a piece of cake.
(having said that Amy Rouge resumed there search for the chaos emerald as went through more airway's and one more slope they found the yellow chaos emerald)
Amy: Got it
Rouge: Let's go back to my workshop we need to put the emerald away so batt dose not get it.
Amy: Good idea Rouge.
(at rouge's
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amy rose adventure part 1 amy p.o.v
(The next day Amy was relaxing at the resort resting her eyes when all of a sudden)
Amy: Huh?
(When Amy opened her eyes she saw her long time friend rouge the bat in a silver plane tech genius but she was losing control)
Amy: Watch out! You're gonna crash! Whoa!
(Rouge was unable to listen and she crashed into the emerald coast)
Amy: Rouge... What am I gonna to do with you?
(Amy then dashed of to emerald coast as she entered she saw some of jasper kazama's robots)
Amy: I had better save Rouge fast
(Amy then made her way through the boardwalk and ran around the loop as she made here way to another loop and to another boardwalk and she was then being chased by a whale after getting past the whale she then got to the next beach area and got to the lighthouse. After that she came to a cave as she came out there was a waterfall entering the other cave she jumped from stone to stone tell she got to the other side afterwards she ran uphill and then downhill and to a spring then jumped from pa
:iconsaneman1:saneman1 2 4
amy rose adventure prologue
(it was night time the town of Santa destroy there was a chopper and an orange ball following it just then a pink hedgehog running from building to building she was wearing a red dress lightweight red boots to make her run faster white gloves gold bracelets on her wrists and a red head band this pink hedgehog was Amy rose the hero of the world who had stopped jasper kazama countless times as she landed)
Amy: Ah yeah! Now this is awesome!
(just then Amy saw some cop cars and landed on the street)
Amy: What's going on?
(Amy followed the cars as the cops were at town hall a water monster landed from the sky)
Officer: you are completely surrounded! Surrender yourself!
(the monster came down trowed the cops and the cops locked and loaded)
Officer: Lock on target, men! Ready?... FIRE!
(the police fired there guns at the monster but there bullets had no effect)
Officer: Oh no! Our weapons are useless! Retreat, all personal fall back!
(as the police were running away Amy rose came in)
Amy: Ah,
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mxcc episode 1 part 3
(mxcc theme plays as diamond tiara took a nasty fall in dope on a rope)
Announcer: MXCC is back the battle between happy tree friend and my little pony friendship is magic is getting hot
(cuts to sonic and tails now with two baby ponies one a unicorn and one a Pegasus)
Tails: welcome back now you may have noticed we now have some foals hear well cupcake and carrot cake just had this kids a month ago so we now have to take care of them
Sonic: But we said how much dose is pay
Tails: (hits sonic with his fan) SONIC you never ask for the amount of money and carrot cake and cupcake want use to take care off pound cake and pumpkin cake and besides you are a world hero
Sonic: Your right we should get at least 200 bucks out of this
Tails: Okay
(cut to the son-o-tron showing sinkers and floaters where a virtual man cross the rock gets afraid and sinks on a rock)
Tails: Its time now for sinker and floater where the object of this game is to stay on the floaters without being a sinker
Sonic: Stay
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mxcc episode 1 part 2
(mxcc theme played as it showed splendid making passed rotating surfboard of death)
Announcer: MXCC is for more bloodshed and fun
(cuts to sonic and tails)
Tails: Welcome back Sonic what job is your favorite working at Sega or having fun here
Sonic: hard to say i love my job at Sega but but the pain and carnage here is fun plus i can hang out with chicks
Tails: (hits Sonic with a paper fan) Sonic lets just go to our next event
(cuts to dope on a rope)
Tails: Dope on a rope where the object is to get from point a to point b without landing in mystery sludge c
Sonic: witch today come from the carnival outhouses
Neji: (blows his whistle) get it on
(an amber yellow stallion with an orange amber mane wearing a brown vest and hat came out)
Braeburn: Appleloosa
Tails: First up is Braeburn the cousin to Applejack (said as Braeburn got on the rope)
Sonic: Do you think they sell apple cookies
Tails: I wouldn't know Sonic (said as Braeburn falls off) oh and he is done
(as Braeburn pounded the slu
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mxcc episode 1 part 1
(hard rock music begins to play as short clips of players in competitions flash as the announcer speaks)
announcer: what are the animals running from there not there running to the most toughest competition in town today the crazed and always kill-able happy tree friends take on the crew of my little pony friendship is magic its sugar vs blood so get pumped up for mxcc most extreme cartoon elimination challenging and now two guys who always need to have a bite to eat sonic the hedgehog and miles tails prower
(shifts to tails wearing a orange samurai outfit and sonic wearing a blue samurai outfit seated in the middle of assorted video game and cartoon characters)
Tails: Hello and welcome we have got a great match today between happy tree friends and my little pony friendship is magic and what are you doing sonic? (sees sonic with a list)
Sonic: Its just my list of things of what team mlp fim will do to cheat.
Tails: sonic today the my little pony team will not be cheating because there
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sonic rangers keys list
keys               sonic             knuckles                tails                  cream                Amy rose
akaranger            1
midoranger                                      1
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sonic sentai gokaiger ep 3
(in the sky sonic and knuckles outside of the x-tornado and tails Amy and cream on the inside)
Cream: Any thing on the scanners Tails?
Tails: Hmm the scanners are looking all messed up and the outside is getting cloudy.
Cream: Gulp if it does not clear up soon we can not move on.
Nicole on PDA: maybe because you picked the location.
Knuckles: well maybe you should not have gave up improper navigation's.
Nicole: MY FAULT?!
Amy: Guys look at this.
Tails: Wow first time i saw something like this happening so sudden.
Cream: (scared) maybe it is eggman?
Sonic: I doubt it is eggman even he dose not have much free-time.
Tails: Great now I can not see a thing (a faint scan on the scanner) somethings coming
(just then a blackarms ship rammed into the x-tornado)
Tails: ugh blackarms ship 10 o clock
Sonic: dose not look to big
Amy: Sonic do not even try just get in
Knuckles: we better do that now sonic
Sonic: very well
(just as Sonic and Knuckles got in the x-tornado they turned and fired the bla
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sonic sentai gokaiger ep 2
(at there new house they just had the computer installed and had there shoes off as cream and rouge were looking at the map)
Cream: Eggman has placed his fleet between the earth and the moon.
Rouge: And there are more coming in
Tails: Looks like he is here to stay.
Nicole: What should we do? What should we do? What would you guys do.
Amy: I wonder if the people on earth will resume with there carefree lives and if the peace will stay?
Nicole: yeah.
Knuckles: that is something for the people of earth to worry about.
Shadow: Not to mention they may not want to care at this time.
Tails: we started a fight we did not want but now Eggman and his goons are our tales.
Charmy: (laughs) Tails said tales.
(Vector and Espio shut charmy up)
Sonic: there is nothing we can do now but get that power before Eggman dose Nicole foretell us something
Nicole: um okay (starts to float and hits the ceiling) ow look for a young human dressed in black he is going to tell us something good!
Knuckles: what was
:iconsaneman1:saneman1 2 11
amy shade and cosmo at a mall
(One day Amy Shade and Cosmo were heading at the mall enjoying themselves Amy was wearing her sonic riders outfit but instead of the sneaker she wore pink sandals and white socks shade was wearing jeans and a black t-shirt along with black sandals and white socks and Cosmo was wearing tan pants and a aqua blouse and green sandals and white socks)
Amy: I think it was a great idea to come hear and let the boy do there own things at home?
Shade: That is indeed true.
Cosmo: Yeah but do you think they will say if we meet other boys?
Amy: Do not worry beside we are going to get them a different video game Sonic for his PS3 Knuckles for his 360 and Tails for his nintendo wii
Cosmo: Okay then
(later at the local game-stop the girl bought the guys there games)
Shade: Anything else we should do before we go home?
Cosmo: How about we get lunch for us and the guys to go
Amy: That is a great idea but where?
Shade: How about Subway?
Cosmo: Okay.
(later after they got there's and the guys lunch Amy g
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sonic sentai gokaiger ep 1.2
(the egg fleet dropped some black arms and dark legion robot soldiers and the commander of the troops Shikabanen a now silver black and red monster with two black and red lights on him)
Shikabanen: Dr.Eggman! Behold the methods of Chaos Commander Shikabanen!
(Shikabanen then uses his blaster to destroy a building in most of the town causing havoc around the city people were trying to escape but were getting attacked by the black arms and the dark legions as they caused more chaos around the city and then a female teacher and her young students hid behind a wall)
Teacher: It'll be okay.
(but an explosion came and Shikabanen came around)
Shikabanen: It's no use running!
(just as Sonic and the other were heading to back to the blue typhoon Amy stopped and Sonic bumped into Amy also causing him to stop Amy saw Shikabanen about to kill defenseless victims)
Sonic: What is it?
(just then tails knuckles and the others came back to see what was happening)
Shikabanen: No one can escape! (grabs t
:iconsaneman1:saneman1 1 0
sonic sentai gokaiger ep 1.1
(the opening starts with laser blasts in the big town of japan as it is shown it is the fleet of the egg legion and the black arms working together destroying buildings)
Narrator: The greatest crisis has befallen on Earth Plotting to take over the whole universe The Egg black arms legion's great fleet goes on a massive rampage bringing people to the deeps of despairs.
(as the black arms Eggman robots and the dark legion marched to the final attack we zoom in to Dr. Eggman in his main ship with decoe and bocoe)
Dr.Eggman: YES Finally i will soon control the whole universe.
Decoe: And to think mobius was the first step.
Bocoe: Now Earth will fall.
Dr. Eggman: It certainly is going to be the greatest victory of my Egg black arms legion.
(as the black arms and the dark egg legion marched a red cape and a 5 with stars and 194 colored warriors where there)
Narrator: But Earth has warriors against that great evil! With love,dreams and peace the 34 Super sentai have protected the smiles of the
:iconsaneman1:saneman1 2 1
sonic sentai gokaiger end 1
(the sonic gokaigers land and the song starts)
"Super Sentai"
(sonic and friend unmorphed walk in to a chest of ranger keys)
"Fly! Cross the eternal time"
"The ultimate warriors are on a parade!"
(sonic and shadow stand near behind the gorangers)
"When five are assembled, they're goranger"
(five card appear and cream is in the end card and turn in to the JAKQ Rangers)
"The JAKQ trump cards are cyborgs"
(knuckles rouges and battle fever j are in the shot and knuckles and rouge do a small dance)
"Battle Fever is the world's dance"
(Denjiman pose and get chased by cheese the chao)
"From Planet Denji comes Denjiman"
(sonic knuckles and tails turn in to SunVulcan and Amy gets pulled away by ribbons)
"One plus Two Plus SunVulcan"
(Goggle-V pull Amy and the blasted away)
"Goggle-V dose rhythmic gymnastics"
(Dynaman appear out of the explosion and they are blown away)
"Exploding explosions of Dynaman"
(Bioman appear out of bio-particles and tails blows them away with bio- particles)
"The Bio-p
:iconsaneman1:saneman1 1 1


Ready To Shred, Dashie? (Color) by NewportMuse Ready To Shred, Dashie? (Color) :iconnewportmuse:NewportMuse 4 0 Starlight Loves Ballerina Tree Hugger by kTd1993 Starlight Loves Ballerina Tree Hugger :iconktd1993:kTd1993 11 0 High Heel Chilling by Coolfruits
Mature content
High Heel Chilling :iconcoolfruits:Coolfruits 10 5
Vanilla and Aimi soles by Coolfruits
Mature content
Vanilla and Aimi soles :iconcoolfruits:Coolfruits 24 3
Coco by Steggmatt Coco :iconsteggmatt:Steggmatt 15 0 Bandicoot Dance by Murderousmanic18 Bandicoot Dance :iconmurderousmanic18:Murderousmanic18 8 2 Coco Bandicoot by Grudulepoilu Coco Bandicoot :icongrudulepoilu:Grudulepoilu 12 3 Don't hurry by RusFish Don't hurry :iconrusfish:RusFish 17 5 Coco Bandicoot by Badboylol Coco Bandicoot :iconbadboylol:Badboylol 3 1 Crash and Tickle by tgohan Crash and Tickle :icontgohan:tgohan 279 10 Stocking tickle tortured by tgohan Stocking tickle tortured :icontgohan:tgohan 172 11 Punishment for the angels! by tgohan Punishment for the angels! :icontgohan:tgohan 126 4 COMMISSION: Ladybug (1/2) by letiprincess COMMISSION: Ladybug (1/2) :iconletiprincess:letiprincess 257 12 COMMISSION: Ladybug (2/2) by letiprincess COMMISSION: Ladybug (2/2) :iconletiprincess:letiprincess 273 24 Gwenpool tickle tortured W/O mask by tgohan Gwenpool tickle tortured W/O mask :icontgohan:tgohan 118 3 2017MAY14A by mythkaz 2017MAY14A :iconmythkaz:mythkaz 67 10


What If The Joker Replaced Discord
how many ponies would die if joker would cause mayhem in the mlp fim world

meme belongs to keyblademagicdan

the joker belongs to dc

and discord belongs to hasbro
My Ppg Team
rainbow dash the leader

coco bandicoot the joy

amy rose the fury and tough one

meme by deecat98

rainbow dash is owend by hasbro

coco bandicoot is owend by naughty dog

and amy rose is owend by sega
[Birth By Sleep:Final mix]
Deep Space-???
Enchanted Domain-earthrealm/outworld (mortal kombat)
Dwarf Woodlands-tatooine (star wars)
Castle of Dreams-kingdom of zandar/sledges ship (power rangers dino charge)
Disney Town-Canterlot (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
Radiant Garden-stays the same
Mirage Arena-Battlefield (Super Smash Bros. Brawl)
Gathering Place-stays the same
Land of Departure-Konohagakure (Naruto)

Ventus-Marine the raccoon
Aqua-Shikamaru Nara (Naruto)
Terra-Ino Yamanaka (Naruto)
Master Xehahort-Abacus Cinch (Equestria girls friendship games)
Master Erauqs-Asuma Sarutobi (Naruto)
Prince Philip-katana (mortal kombat)
Maleficent's Goons-tarkatens (mortal kombat)
Horace-coco pommel (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
Vantias-Anti Amy Rose (sonic comics colored with black fur but wiith a different name open to ideas)
Grandmother-uncle chuck (sonic series)
Lost Boys-Sailor scouts (sailor moon)
Grand Councilwoman-???
Experiment 221/Sparky-???
Braig-erron black (mortal kombat x)
Even-human version of flurious (power rangers opertaion overdriver)
Ienzo-little kid version of ermac
Dilan-lu bu (dynasty warriors franchise)
Aeleus-carol (skullgirls)
Lea-Blaze the cat (sonic series
Isa-hazama/terame (blazblue series)
The Queen/Witch-jaba the hut (star wars)
Mirror-??? (star wars)
The Prince-???(star wars)
Dwarves-ghosts of obi wan yoda and mace windu (star wars)
Jaq & Mice- ???(power rangers dino charge)
Prince Charming-??? (power rangers dino charge)
Grand Duke-???(power rangers dino charge)
Lady Tremaine-sledge(power rangers dino charge)
Anastasia-wrench (power rangers dino charge)
Drizella-fury (power rangers dino charge)
Lucifer-Curio (Power ranger dino charge)

[Kingdom Hearts:Final mix]
Destiny Islands-stay the same
Disney Castle-Ponyville/caste of friendship (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
Traverse Town-Toon Town
Wonderland-Acme acres (Tiny toons)
Olympus Coliseum-Townsville (Powerpuff girls)
Deep Jungle-???
100 Acre Woods-Blue's Clues world
Agrabah-Candy Kingdom (Adventure time)
Halloween Town-???
Neverland-Minato (sailor moon)
Hollow Bastion-stays the same
End of the World-stays the same

Sora-Amy Rose (sonic series)
Riku- Sally Acorn (sonic series)
Kairi- Sonic (sonic series)
Mickey-The mane 6 (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic but they are alicorns)
Donald-Scootaloo (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
Goofy-Sweetie Belle (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
Extras with Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle-Applebloom (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
Minnie-Ben valorhearts(jussonic's MLP: FIM OC)
Daisy-??? (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
Extras with Ben Mare ??? (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, regular and OCs)
Chip n Dale-Spitfire and Fleetfoot(My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
Pluto-the mane sixes pets (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
Huey, Dewey, & Louie-??? (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
Jiminy Cricket-???
Leon-Lloyd Ivring (Tales of Symphonia)
Extra with Lloyd-Zelos Wilder (Tales of Symphonia)
Yuffie-Sheena (Tales of symphonia)
Extra with Sheena-Persea (Tales of symphonia)
Cid-Genis Sage (Tales of Symphonia)
Extra with Genis-Raine Sage (Tales of Symphonia)
Aerith-Colette Brunel (Tales of Symphonia)
Extra with Colette-Regal Bryant (Tales of Symphonia
101 Dalmations-various Pokemon (Pokemon series)
Alice-Buster bunny (Tiny toons)
Queen of Hearts-Montana max (Tiny toons)  
Cards-Monty max's guards (Tiny toons)
White Rabbit-Elmyra Duff (Tiny toons)
Cheshire Cat-??? (Tiny toons)
Doorknob-Babs Bunny (Tiny toons)
Hercules-the Powerpuff girls
Phil-Major glory, vallhalen and krunk
Hades-HIM (Powerpuff girls)
Cerberus-??? (Powerpuff girls)
Cloud-Emil castagnier (Tales of Symphonia DOTNW)
Sephiroth-Richter Abend (Tales of Symphonia DOTNW)
Ice Titan-??? (Powerpuff girls)
Rock Titan-??? (Powerpuff girls)
Pooh-Steve and Blue (Blue's Clues)
Piglet-shovel and pale (Blue's Clues)
Rabbit-Mailbox (Blue's Clues)
Tigger-Perwinkle (Blue's Clues)
Roo-Slippery soap (Blue's Clues)
Eeyore-Side table drawer (Blue's Clues)
Owl-Tickety tock (Blue's Clues)
Aladdin-Fiona the human (Adventure time)
Jasmine-Prince gumball (Adventure time)
Jafar-Lich queen (Adventure)
Iago-Ice queen (Adventure)
Genie-??? (Adventure time)
Carpet-??? (Adventure time)
Abu-Cake the cat (Adventure time)
Cave of Wonders-??? (Adventure time)
Merlin-Rosalina (Mario series)
Flotsam & Jetsam- ???
Jack Skellington-???
Zero the Dog-???
Dr. Finklestein-???
Oogie Boogie-???
Captain Hook-??? (sailor moon)
Peter Pan-Sailor moon
Wendy- Tuxedo mask (sailor moon)
Smee-??? (sailor moon)
Tinker Bell-Sailor mini moon (sailor moon) 
Simba-Emmet (the lego movie)
Fairy Godmother-Keeper (Power rangers dino charge)
Cinderella-Prince Phillip/the graphite ranger (Power rangers dino charge)
Snow White-Luke Skywalker (Total Drama series)
Belle-Mario (Mario series)
Beast-Peach (Mario series; as the shadow queen but still with sings of princesses peach in her)
Aurora/Briar Rose-Lui kang (Mortal kombat)
Maleficent-Shao Khan (Mortal Kombat)
Ansem/Xehahort-Tsunade (but look like a ino with white hair and a purple strike down her hair)
Chernabog-Tirek (My Little Pony FIM version)

[RE:Chain of Memories]
Castle Oblivion-stays the same
Twilight Town-Reefside (Power Rangers dino thunder)

Larxene-Azula (Avatar the last airbender)
Axel-Blaze the cat (sonic series though renamed to xinge)
Marluxia-Relius Clover (Blazblue series)
Lexaeus-Painwheel (skullgirls)
Vexen-Flurious (Power Rangers operation overdrive)
Zexion-Ermac (Mortal Kombat series)
Roxas-Stick the badger (sonic boom though spilled stix)

[358/2 Days]
World That Never Was-stays the same

Xion-Silver the hedgehog (sonic series)
Hayner-Connor Mcknight (Power Rangers dino thunder)
Pence- Ethan James (Power Rangers dino thunder)
Olette-Kira Ford (Power Rangers dino thunder)

[Kingdom Hearts II:Final mix]
Yen Sid's Tower-The castle of the two sisters (My Little Pony Friendship is magic)
Land of the Dragons-???
Beast's Castle-Peach's castle
Timeless River-Ponyland (My Little Pony (first series)
Space Paranoids-The internet (Megaman NT warriors)
Christmas Town-???
Pride Lands-Bricksburg (The Lego movie)
Port Royal-???
Underworld-Him's world (powerpuff girls)

Tournament announcer-???
Yen Sid-Princess Celestia and Princess Luna (My Little Pony (first series))
Flora, Fauna, & Merryweather-The elder gods (Mortal kombat series)
Pete-Suri Polomare (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
Scrooge McDuck-Mr and Mrs cake (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
Extras with Mr and Mrs Cake - Pound and Pumpkin cake
Lumiere-Luigi (Mario series)
Cosgrove-Toadsworth (Mario series)
Mrs. Potts-Daisy (Mario series)
Chip-Toad (Mario series)
Wardrobe-Birdo (Mario series)
Li Shang-???
Hayabusa the Falcon-???
Pain and Panic-The Rowdyruff boys (Powerpuff girls)
Meg-Professer utonium (Powerpuff girls)
Hydra-??? (Powerpuff girls)
Pegasus-Bullet (Powerpuff girls)
Auron-Kratos Auron (Tales of Symphonia)
Kanga-Mr Salt and Mrs pepper (Blue's clues)
Gopher-Green puppy (Blue's clues)
Jack Sparrow-???
Will Turner-???
Elizabeth Swann-???
Captain Barbossa-???
Undead pirates-???
Ariel's Sisters-???
Peddler-Lemongarb (Adventure time)
Nala-Lucy/wildstyle (The lego movie)
Rafiki-Batman (The lego movie)
Timon-Unikitty (The lego movie)
Pumbaa-Benny the astrounat (The lego movie)
Hyenas-Bad cop/Good cop Ma cop and Pa cop (The lego movie)
Scar-President business/Lord business (The lego movie)
Tifa Lockheart-Marta (Tales of Symphonia DOTNW)
Tron-Mega man.exe (Megaman NT warriors)
Commander Sark-Cutman (Megaman NT warriors)
MCP-Pharoh man (Megaman NT warriors)
Chicken Little-???
Xaldin-Lu bu (Dynasty Warriors series)
Xigbar-Erron Black Masked version (Mortal kombat x)
Luxord-Desan (Star wars jedi knight 2 jedi outcast)
Demyx-Julie (Puffy Ami Yumi show)
DiZ/Ansem the Wise-JAZZ/Lady Tsunade
Xemnas-Xnoi (shippuden ino with the white hair and purple strke)

Journal-stays the same

[Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance]
La Cite des Cloches-???
Prankster's Paradise-???
Country of the Musketeers-Maretropless (My Little Pony series)
Symphony of Sorcery-Everfree Forest (My Little Pony series)
The Grid-??? (Megaman NT Warriors)

Claude Frollo-???
Laverne, Victor and Hugo-???
Blue Fairy-???
Neku Sakuraba-???
Julius-The dark water ponies (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comic as a seprete ententy)
Beagle Boys-Diamond Dogs (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
Magic Brooms-??? (My Little Pony series)
Sam Flynn-??? (Megaman NT Warriors)
Kevin Flynn-??? (Megaman NT Warriors)
Quorra-??? (Megaman NT Warriors)
CLU-??? (Megaman NT Warriors)
Rinzler-??? (???)
The Black Guards-??? (Megaman NT Warriors)
Young Xehanort-Young Abacus Cinch
Anti Black Coat-stays the same
  • Listening to: seether careless wisper
  • Reading: sonic and mlp comics
  • Watching: sgb tos commentary
  • Playing: kingdom hearts birth by sleep
  • Eating: yogurt
  • Drinking: water


justin burks
United States


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